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Submit Your Case

By far the best way to submit your files once they're prepared is by FTP to our server. Detailed instructions on how to do that are found in this PDF file.

If you are unable to use the FTP for some reason, you may also email your files to us at icoregold@copysales.com. Our email servers will accept emails with attachments up to six megabytes in size but be warned that the IU servers sometimes hold outgoing emails for several hours when they contain large attachments.  FTP is faster and far more reliable.

As a last option, you may also deliver (no more than one car, and it doesn't take more than one person) your files in person on CD or thumbdrive, but we will not be printing your pages while you wait. We'll accept your files, place them in the print queue, and notify your team by email when your pages are ready.

Once we get your files, we'll put them into the print queue and reply to your notification email telling you when to send someone to pick up your prints. Please remember that you'll be bringing your printed pages back to your workspace for proofing--you will not be proofing pages at Mr. Copy. Emails with times to pick up cases customarily go out within minutes of receiving your email, but please allow us at least thirty minutes before you call to check.

For information on submitting corrected PDF files, click the "Corrections" link on the left.