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Once you've created your five PDF files, you'll want to browse through each of them to make sure everything displays correctly on the screen. If it doesn't look right on the screen it's not going to look right on the printed page. You might find it's worth the expense to print black and white dummy copies on the library's printers to look at it fresh. However you decide to proof, you will want to make certain your pages are perfect before you submit them for printing.

Once your pages are submitted the printing process cannot be stopped.

Some things to watch for:

  • Pagination

    • Do all page numbers appear unobscured by other page content?

    • Did you remember to rotate all pages to portrait-orientation before you applied numbers?

    • Do your page numbers match your table of contents (if you use one)?

  • Graphics

    • Do all of your placed images, graphics, and graphs appear correctly on the screen?

    • Are there any missing data?

    • Do captions appear on the correct page?

  • Subcases

    • Are the subcase files complete documents, including all necessary covers and tables of contents?

    • Are they paginated correctly?

    • Is there one file for each subcase?

  • Special Pages (if used)

    • Are your special pages in separate files?

    • Are they named correctly (TEAM 28 SPECIAL BLEED.pdf, etc)?

    • Did you follow the guides for margins and page size found here?

For more ideas on what kinds of things to watch out for in your proofing, check our online FAQ.

For some tips on how to submit your PDF files for printing, click the "Submit Your Case" link on the left.