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Printing your case with Mr. Copy is as simple and stress-free as we could make it. Because there are so many ICORE teams we had to create a specific workflow: the Gold Plan.

The Gold Plan works entirely with PDF files, and the file submission method is entirely electronic. You make the files, you send us the files, we print the files, you pick them up. That's it in a nutshell.

Here are the bullet points:

  • You will create and send to us five PDF files, one for each part of your case (one main case file, four subcase files)

  • We will print those five files and notify you to pick them up.

  • Your team will send one member to pick the printed pages up and take them back to the team to review.  It's a one-minute process: drive up, jump out to grab the box, and drive back.

  • If you find any errors, you will correct your original files and send us revised files to reprint.

  • Once the revised files are approved, one team member will need to return the approved pages for binding and payment.

  • Bound cases will be available for pickup one hour after being dropped off.

  • Personal copies will be produced after noon the day ICORE is due. We will produce them as quickly as possible. Typically, they're ready 24hrs after the main cases are due.

To see how to create your PDF files, click the "Creating your Files" link on the left.