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Creating your Files

No matter what software you use to create your source files, Mr. Copy accepts only PDF files for printing under the Gold Plan. We have created a guide to help you convert your files to PDF, which can be found here.

Mr. Copy expects five PDFs from all non-honors teams. They should be named a specific way, and should be FTPed as separate files. For instance, if you're Team 28, your PDFs might look like:

  • Team 28 MAIN CASE.pdf

  • Team 28 Strategy.pdf

  • Team 28 Finance.pdf

  • Team 28 Marketing.pdf

  • Team 28 Operations.pdf

It is vital that you follow the naming conventions and file creation guide. We'll be dealing with well over a thousand separate files throughout the evening; misnamed files are hard to find!

Interested in adding special pages such as bleeds or heavyweight cover stock to your case? Download the Specialty Pages guide and learn how!  If you choose to use these pages remember they'll add at least one more separate PDF to your five files--read the instructions carefully.

For some tips on how to proofread your PDF files, click the "Proofreading" link on the left.